Access Terminal

The portfolio Access Terminals consist of LTE Customer Premises Equipment, Industrial-Grade USB Dongle and a Industrial-Grade Mobile Hotspot

EG860 LTE Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Serves as a wireless gateway router for LTE-based high-speed data services. In addition to LTE access, this industrial-grade outdoor CPE integrates Wi-Fi and LAN interfaces to enable data service conversion.

The compact, ruggedized EG860 features centralized fault detection and recovery along with remote management for easy deployment.

Use the EG860 for applications ranging from sensor data collection to wireless HD video surveillance.

EM710 Industrial-Grade USB Dongle

The EM710 enables mobile office users to access an LTE network and log in to the enterprise office, Office Automation (OA) and email systems, browse Web pages, and download data.

Connects additionally to data devices that support the USB interface and Microsoft Windows VISTA/7 OSs for data transmission. Take your office anywhere with Huawei’s EM710, a powerful LTE USB drive that connects to PCs and mobile stations.

EM720 Industrial-Grade Mobile Hotspot

The EM720 is a pocket-sized, multimedia broadband data access terminal based on TD-LTE technology that provides Wi-Fi access.

Features a large-capacity battery for charging most mobile devices and supports the PC configuration tool.

Stay connected anywhere, anytime with Huawei’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot — it provides mobile users Internet access using such devices as tablets, PCs, and mobile phones, and meets industry requirements for data services.