Secure and tactical communications

Atos has designed Lifelink, a secure and modular communication solution for public safety.

Atos has designed Lifelink, a secure and modular communication solution for public safety. It integrates critical communications for first-responders and monitoring personnel: Lifelink Wireless cells creating a 4G LTE / 5G private network from scratch. A mission-critical application on a smartphone brings a new mission critical set of services for voice, data and real-time geolocation.

Atos provides multi-network dispatching and recording solutions for all communications between the Command Center and the intervention forces.


Lifelink critical communication solutions respond to situations where communication is a vital issue. They ensure safety and relevant response to threats. Teams in the field can efficiently communicate and share data in real-time with a high level of resiliency and security. Lifelink consists of a complete portfolio covering all needs, from infrastructure to devices, including mission-critical applications, services and maintenance, with key core elements:


Lifelink Multinet Series that easily combine and record multiple network technologies from a unified C3 Command, Control and Communication platform.

  • Lifelink Multinet Dispatcher combines all critical calls from different networks, such as TETRA, GSM-R, LTE, PBX, VHF, UHF or analog networks. They can be easily initiated in one step. Communication between the control center and field staff is always performed reliable and the required level of security is guaranteed.
  • Lifelink Multinet Recorder can record all communications at different positions of the connection and throughout the lifecycle of the incident or event. It provides support for nearly all communication technologies and is based on IP architecture and standard COTS hardware. NG112 / NG911 communication types are supported including voice, data, pictures, RTT, video, eCall.


Lifelink MCX Connect: mission-critical application on a smartphone that brings a new mission critical set of services including MCPTT, MCData, MCVideo and real-time geolocation. Fully 3GPP compliant, this app successfully passed the ETSI interoperability Plugtests in October 2020. It enables integration with IoT data sources, such as drones and sensors, for example, to support safe city applications. It enables seamless migration to 5G, whether it is a private, public or hybrid network.

  • Lifelink Wireless: Full range of Professional radio network based on 4G LTE / 5G technologies including NB-IoT and LTE-M for sensors connectivity.
  • Legacy-to-LTE gateways to interconnect multiple types of networks such as TETRA to LTE.
  • Lifelink Hoox: ultra-secure smartphones with a high-level of data protection.
  • Lifelink Hub: multi-network module that allows you to automatically switch from one network to another without interruption, including Device-to-device features.