Digital Radio PH660

Professional appearance and light weight

The height of PH660 is only 100mm, which makes PH660 very cute. Based on dual-colored shell design and classic layout, PH660 looks full of strength. The weight is only about 290g, and user can carry PH660 easily.

Friendly user interface and easy to use

PH660 has a classic compact layout, and user can operate it skillfully. With a 1.75 inch transparent screen, user can view more information and do more settings.

Long battery life makes work flexible

Equipped with a 2600mAh standard battery, PH660 can work for 20 hours under a 5-5-90 duty cycle in DMR conventional mode. A long battery life can help user to focus on their essential job.

Rich features facilitate daily work

In addition to basic DMR voice and data services, PH660 can also support many optional features, such as GPS, voice recording, advanced encryption, ECS (Enhanced Conventional System), optional board and so on.

Solid and reliable quality

PH660 meets IP68 and Mil-STD 810G certifications. It can be used in tough and harsh environments as a professional and reliable communication tool.