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Julie Industries has engineered StaticSmart ESD flooring to provide the highest quality and most reliable static control flooring solutions on the market.

Julie Industries has been providing StaticSmart static control flooring Solutions to clients since its incorporation in 1976. Our experienced team of flooring experts provides the best flooring solution to each customer. Whatever your static control flooring needs may be, our comprehensive approach to understanding your application and your unique environmental challenges translates into a much lower total cost of ownership solution.

Today, our focus is on providing ESD Flooring Solutions for Mission Critical environments, technology rich office environment, manufacturing facilities, and areas where 24/7 operational readiness is imperative. Our StaticSmart brand of ESD flooring products provides the highest level of static protection available in ESD flooring today, making it the best choice for companies that are serious about static protection. StaticSmart’s patented conductive release adhesive is low in VOCs and easy and safe to install and use. With over 40 years in business, we combine expert technical knowledge and experience along with financial stability to provide our clients with outstanding products, excellent service and support for the long-term. StaticSmart flooring is installed throughout the world in all types of environments requiring fail-safe permanent static control protection against static related damage to sophisticated computer equipment, components, microchips, telecommunications equipment, and other electronics.  StaticSmart is the perfect choice for Electronics Manufacturing, Assembly, and Testing Areas, Data Centers, MRI Suites, E911 Call Centers, Command Centers, Flight Control Towers, Campus Police, College and University Records Rooms, Reservation Centers, Networked Offices, Broadcast Studios, Radio and Equipment Rooms, and many more areas.



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