Carmenta’s mission is to provide world-class geospatial products and solutions as well as systems for emergency response and critical infrastructure protection.

Carmenta’s security and public safety solutions are based on our own geospatial technology, together with our call taking, dispatch and communications technology, which has been used, tested and proven to be effective in mission critical systems for more than 25 years.

We offer:

  • Call taking and incident management – providing efficient support for fast and accurate interviews and incident classification.
  • Geospatial support for emergency call taking – enabling the operator to quickly locate the exact position of the incident using features like a unique intelligent gazetteer and accurate mobile phone tracking.
  • Emergency dispatch – including real time decision support that enables the operator to always find the most suitable resource for the task, with a minimal impact on overall preparedness.
  • Integrated communications – for current and future standards within analogue and digital radio, telephony, IP telephony and data communication.
  • Strategic planning support – advanced simulation and visualisation tools that, for example, help our customers determine the best location for emergency vehicle stations and evaluate the impact of changes to a work schedule or an increase in call volume.
  • Multi-agency support – allows the support of several operations/organisations, of a different or similar type, in the same system, where information is protected or shared according to the configured business rules.
  • Free geographical seating – allows virtual call centres to be defined, which enables the operation to be optimised for best possible call centre utilisation.
  • Automatic alarm and sensor management – providing mechanisms for increasingly automated operations.



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