TASSTA - pushing borders

The name TASSTA is build up of 3 key words. TA stands for the first two letters of the word: TALK. SS stands for sending meSSages and TA are the last two letters in the word: DATA. The name exactly describes what we do. We offer voice communications, messaging and data solutions.


 Where it all started:

The core of the existing TASSTA team has a strong extensive expertise in the professional mobile radio (PMR) market. Our developers have been working as on field service engineers for the main TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) providers in different projects all over the world. TASSTAs CEO, Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, has over ten years of experience in managing companies in professional mobile radio communications.

Based on this, the team put all its efforts in bringing a revolutionary product on the market - an innovative communication solution which is meeting all requirements in respect of communication, organization and security. All features of digital mobile communication are conserved and will be usable on common Smartphones, Tablets and PCs. Already employed TETRA or DMR networks can easily extend their coverage by connecting TASSTA.


 If you can think it, you can do it:

PMR networks fulfill quite a wide range of requirements related to critical communication. However, they are very expensive and limited only to their area of coverage based on the number of base stations included in the system. Also, today’s technology where our common Smartphones are already prefect mini-computers open a totally new world of possibilities. So, wouldn’t it be great to be the first to combine all of these given facts and even add value by adding practical features in an app – easily accessible, highly professional and cost-efficient?

Being always one step ahead and offering a product which cannot be seen in the portfolio of our competitors like this, this is the vision TASSTAs team is committed to. We are continously working to improve TASSTA to make it a perfect integrated communication solution for our customers.


 Entering the market

The development of the TASSTA product range started in 2012. TASSTA was officially founded in January 2013.

At the beginning we were approaching the German market and directly contacted the end-users. At the same time we increased our marketing activities and showed up on many exhibitions in 2014 and 2015 to gain a respectable level of awareness on the communication market. After this, we broke new grounds as also national and international businesses were interested in our solution. We then concentrated on partner development. As a result, TASSTA now has an impressive network of selected resellers on every continent.


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