GDB - Global Data Burst Ltd.


Whilst satellite based paging has been achieved in the past, the reception limitations, software deficiencies and hardware capabilities have severely constrained the feasible range of applications. The GDB Pager exploits the new Iridium Burst service to provide a complete global satellite paging solution.
​Global Data Burst is an entirely new service that makes it easy to transmit paging messages and data to one, tens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of devices at a time using the Iridium satellite network – with a pricing structure that doesn’t break the bank.

GDB Pager - The world's only truly global pager

The GDB Pager offers a cost-efficient and low-latency broadcast data service. The high signal penetration capabilities mean you can now send data to an unlimited number of devices anywhere on Earth whether inside buildings, in-vehicle or in aircraft.

From tsunami warnings to weather and traffic alerts, over-the-air updates and other machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, the GDB Pager presents an unrivaled opportunity for businesses, government agencies, military and other entities to broadcast and receive data.


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