2021-10-01 | ADRF

Things to Know Before Choosing Your VHF/UHF System

ADRF shares it's vision on the best features for an in-building UHF and VHF public safety system.

Reccently we discussed the differences between each band and how they help first responders in the US tocommunicate via land mobile radios in their respective jurisdictions. However, it is also important to consider the best features for an in-building UHF and VHF public safety system when selecting which solution to implement to ensure that it is code compliant, easy to install and reliable.

Maintaining Code Compliance
The baseline for any public safety installation is meeting the code requirements for each jurisdiction, interpreted and enforced by an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Luckily, ADRF has multiple UHF and VHF public safety offerings for building owners to meet these needs across the country. Our PSR-VU-9537, PSR-VU-9537-X, PSR-VU-9537-U, and PSR-U-9537-U provide support for all UHF or VHF bands while complying with the latest NFPA and IFC codes.

Our latest VHF and UHF public safety repeaters, PSR-VU-9537-U and PSR-U-9537-U,, are UL 2524, second edition, certified , the standard for in-building 2-way emergency radio communication enhancement systems (ERCES). The UL 2524 certified products are in accordance with the following model building and installation codes: NFPA 1, NFPA 72, NFPA 101, NFPA 1221, NFPA 1225, and the International Fire Code (IFC). ADRF was the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to receive UL 2524, second edition certification from UL and the accompanying UL Enhanced Smart Certification Mark.

Robust Reliability and Features
All of ADRF’s public safety repeaters have dry alarm contacts that will connect to any FACP, up to 24-hour battery backups, and NEMA 4 environmental enclosures that ensure the repeater will continue to operate properly during power outages and floods. They also support the entire UHF range (380-512 MHz), VHF range (136-174MHz) and offer both simplex and duplex solutions in one box.

ADRF’s UHF and VHF products are the basis of public safety communications for high profile and high capacity mixed-use venues such as the Hudson Yards in New York and the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. The venues, like many of ADRF’s other public safety implementations, need superior performance and strategic placement of the repeaters to provide robust public safety coverage throughout the whole area, regardless of interference from surrounding building materials.

Simple to install
When an implementation takes too long to deploy it can lead to higher costs and delay a building owner’s ability to receive a certificate of occupancy. ADRF’s integrated supply chain empowers us to deliver short lead times on a customized VHF and UHF public safety system. Whether choosing a VHF or UHF public safety repeater, ADRF has over two decades of experience in implementing connectivity systems that provide reliable first responder communication.