2021-08-11 | Inrico

How to Re-imagine School Safety?

School safety is an everlasting topic with tremendous significance, and we can't be too careful. In this Blog, Inrico is sharing ideas to enhance school safety through reliable and efficient commuications.

School safety supports student learning by creating and promoting a physically, emotionally, socially, and academically secure climate for students, staff, and visitors. With the school year now in full swing, school safety is a top-of-mind priority for school administrators, parents, and staff. While school tragedies and safety threats are still around, school officials need to ask themselves, do we have a safety plan?

Benjamin Franklin once said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Inrico designs products with human-centered philosophy, AI empowered technology, and 17+ years of mission-critical technology experience to facilitate personnel safety anywhere and anytime.

Personnel Safety Focus

  • SOS emergency button: The radio user pushes the SOS button in case of danger., The response group is immediately alerted and the caller’s GPS location is pinpointed accurately. The caller receives support.
  • Man-down: If someone falls down and the radio is kept in a preconfigured angle for a certain period of time, their radios would send out an alarm warning other users or the control center, who can then send help.
  • Lone workers and standstill alarm: Periodically monitor the safety of the mobile lone workers. Should a worker not respond to a preset message or not move for a preset period, it will trigger an alarm to the command center with precise location information.

Precautions Awareness, Prevention System Convergence

Verify the reliability of all parts of the school’s communication system from the radios to the intercom and surveillance system to school alerting systems. Inrico cooperates with third parties to develop school-focused IoT solutions that integrate sensor-embedded devices with wireless networks, GPS tracking and data analysis to boost safety.

“Communication +” Links to Police System

School staff should work hand-in-hand with emergency first responders to help ensure that every aspect of school safety is planned and practiced, and they’re ready for anything. Our solution is placed to help implementing the technologies and procedures that enable teamwork among school and district-based responders as well as public safety authorities. Inrico’s push-to-talk system provides fast and direct communications with public safety forces right from the location of the emergency. Communication is made more accurately and timely during the response to and management of an incident, which in turn helps the school, district, and community.

School safety is an everlasting topic with tremendous significance, and we can't be too careful. Inrico is dedicated to exploring a full solution. What do you think? You are welcome to share your ideas. 

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