Israel's Police securing public events with Siklu's mmWave solutions


Siklu Inc., a market leader in mmWave solutions, announced today that its radios have been selected by Israel Police as their main wireless fiber solution. These systems were selected for nationwide deployments as well a ...

Drones Rescued More Than 65 People in the Last Year


DJI has released a new report stating that at least 65 people have been saved by drone technology in the last year. The report, following from the release of a similar publication last year, gathers accounts from news ou ...

Sonim Technologies confirms development of P25 direct-mode accessory for use with LTE devices


Sonim Technologies is developing an accessory for its rugged LTE devices that would let users engage in direct-mode P25 push-to-talk communications while operating on licensed LMR spectrum in the VHF band, according to c ...