Our team

Our team is our most valuable resource and one of the main reasons for our success. Please, find below more about their accomplishments and experiences.


Agnita Cheung - Sales & Content manager

Agnita is an experienced program manager and offers MCCResources (Mission Critical Communications Resources) a great source of talent related to international relationships, sales management and marketing.

Her background as Program Support Manager at Siemens, International Sales Executive at Quorum International (electronics), her experience as sales manager for MCCResources as well as her continues drive drive to be successful, makes Agnita the right person to maintain and expand our International relationships. 

Gert Jan Wolf - Founder & Editor

Gert Jan has a 30 year international experience within sales and marketing. Since 1999, Gert Jan is involved in the telecommunications business and for the last 8 years he has had various sales and marketing positions within the TETRA Communications industry and has been a Sales Director & Country Manager for a large International Telecommunications company.

Prior to Gert Jan's involvement within the Critical Communicaitons Industry, he was responsible as program manager for establishing a direct sales program for a large Telecom organization operating in 30 countries.

Within MCCResources, Gert Jan is responsible for content and maintaining the overall company vision and strategy.

Gert Jan Wolf is a creative online social media specialist and strategist and has obtained an "All Star" rating on LinkedIn for his knowlege and experience in the critical communications industry.

Gert Jan is the world's first in creating an online technology media plaform that was focused on a single critical communications technology (TETRA) and he is the world's first Vlogger on YouTube reporting about all that is happening witin the critical communications industry.