The V500 Body Camera

Access to reliable connectivity is essential for public safety. Saving time by sending field video evidence or uploading live incident video to a supervisor for vital backup is crucial. In these instances, a reliable connection is essential.

The V500 is an updated and improved version of our existing body camera system, featuring reliable LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth capabilities in a user-friendly design for optimal use in any setting. This allows for enhanced safety, transparency, and accountability within your community, no matter your location. However, it is not just a body camera, but also an essential component of the Motorola Solutions public safety network, enabling you to increase efficiency and safety by utilizing existing video, voice, and software resources.

Since officers are not always within WiFi range, the V500's built-in LTE connectivity and compatibility with any network carrier allow for real-time monitoring, ensuring that you have access to the necessary information regardless of your team's location. Additionally, the ability to stream to your current technological investments enables you to leverage the most data and make the best decisions.

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-02-08 om 20.37.33By seeing what your officers see in real-time, you can improve situational awareness, coordinate an effective response, and maintain accountability, no matter where you are located.

The V500 offers various options for streaming, including LTE, WiFi, and VMS integration, allowing for remote supervision and efficient incident live-streaming. When situations escalate, your focus should be on the job, not the equipment. That's why Motorola Solutions designed the V500 to be durable and reliable, with ample storage and customizable recording triggers, ensuring officer safety while capturing crucial information.

With on-demand offloading and the option for rapid offloading through the Smart Dock, officers can tag and send footage from the camera itself, freeing up the camera for the next shift. This streamlined process allows for quicker access to evidence and efficient management of digital evidence.

The V500 also allows for remote management, so officers can stay productive while the cameras are undergoing maintenance. With flexible eSIM deployments and various networking options, you can customize your camera deployment to minimize downtime.

Our Smart Docks are designed to make camera deployment and management effortless, regardless of the size or location of your fleet, with options for rapid charging, offloading, desk or wall mounting, and RFID Touch Assign capabilities.

While body cameras are essential, they are only one aspect of our public safety technology ecosystem. By utilizing Motorola Solutions' full range of devices and software, you can enhance the power of your investment.

Officers can automate recording through Bluetooth connections to TETRA and APX radios while tagging footage on their mobile phones, providing you with a complete view of the scene from anywhere. When reviewing evidence, you can simultaneously view body-worn and in-car video to gain a complete understanding of the incident and build stronger cases. Utilize the full potential of the Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem to ensure the safety of your officers and the public.