Video  |  2018-02-28

Expway, Bittium and Nemergent Demonstrate Live MC-PTT and MC-Video at Mobile World Congress GSMA Innovation City

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Expway, the LTE Broadcast expert, announced today that it was selected by GSMA to demonstrate live Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk and Video (MC-PTT/Video) capacities at the GSMA Innovation City booth.

Partners Bittium and Nemergent joined-in to make the demonstration a success.

First responders face dangerous situations and need more information than ever to resolve critical issues in a timely matter. They require a network that is reliable and delivers the outmost performance.
Legacy private and public mobile radio networks they’ve used, haven’t evolved very much since their inception. They manly provide push-to-talk capabilities, and are prone to clogging, when too many users communicate.

Only LTE Broadcast on 4G and 5G networks can meet the stringent mission-critical requirements set forth by first responders. Governments and security agencies are now mandating that LTE and eMBMS enabled LTE networks be used for their mission critical applications. With LTE Broadcast first responders can rely on a network that is resilient to congestion, with strictly dedicated and prioritized bandwidth, consistent QoS, and intra-agencies interoperability. LTE Broadcast enables more than just group-talk - rich information can also be shared, including live videos and data such as detailed maps.

“LTE Broadcast provides the boost necessary to turn LTE networks into synchronous and simultaneous, feature rich, standards-based networks,” said Claude Seyrat, Expway Co-Founder and CMO. “First responders around the globe are now using LTE Broadcast to share critical information and save communities, as well as their own lives.”

Expway and its partners came together to achieving sub 500ms glass-to-glass latency in broadcast mode, and showcase how LTE Broadcast can improve public safety networks and applications. Nemergent provides the PTT technology, including the MC-PTT server and MC-PTT application, and Bittium its rugged Tough Mobile devices. The Expway eBox for Critical Communications (Expway eBox CC) is used as the eMBMS LTE network.

Expway eBox CC is a self-contained eMBMS enabled LTE network. It contains an eNodeB, EPC, RAN, P/M-Gateways, a BM-SC, and a control dashboard. It is used for MC-PTT, MC-Video and MC-Data integration validations, tests, and live public safety demos. For example, device manufactures use it to validate LTE and MBMS reception of RTP streams on their devices. MC-PTT server manufactures use it to test their integration on LTE networks, and government safety agencies to demonstrate complete mission-critical solutions. All its components are fully featured, carrier grade, and 3GPP compliant.