Broadband  |   Satellite  |  2023-05-16

2degrees and Lynk Global Announce Contract to Bring Satellite-to-Phone Coverage to New Zealand - Extending Emergency Services

2degrees announced today it has signed a commercial contract with Lynk Global, Inc. to bring satellite-to-phone connectivity to 2degrees customers across New Zealand. The agreement will ensure New Zealanders stay connected no matter where they are, using Lynk’s ‘cell-towers-in- space.’

“We continue to be excited about the partnership with Lynk, which will allow 2degrees’ customers to stay connected from areas outside terrestrial mobile coverage,” said CEO Mark Callander. “We recently announced a trial of Lynk’s sat2phone technology here in New Zealand and are eager to move from the trial this month to commercial service for our customers later this year,” Callander continues.

“2degrees is an ideal partner for Lynk because they are committed to leveraging the latest technology to ensure ubiquitous connectivity for their customers,” said Lynk CEO and Co-Founder Charles Miller.

“Our cell-towers-in-space will extend rural coverage, including across maritime areas, extending emergency services and continuity of IoT devices.,” Miller continued.

The sat2phone service will initially let 2degrees customers send and receive messages on their current mobile phones when a Lynk satellite is overhead. As Lynk launches more satellites, the service will be available for longer durations, ultimately allowing voice and data services.

2degrees has started promoting the service today via an advertising campaign, social media, and customer communications, but CEO Mark Callander notes that “communications won’t get ahead of the technology which is developing.”

“2degrees is nothing if not straight up. We’ll keep customers across actual progress, actual direct-to- cell satellites in operation and actual customer availability, which will likely be later this year.”

“New Zealand is well served by world class mobile technology, but we’re not a country contained to urban living – we’re a country of outdoor explorers, trampers, farmers and boaties. Through Lynk, 2degrees is exploring how best to enable connectivity for our customers when they’re beyond traditional coverage.”