A pioneering industry leader in communications interaction recording and management - serving clients globally for more than 30 years.

DataVoice is focused on being the industry leader in interaction recording and management, and has a rich history of "world firsts" in the voice recording and interaction space, with deployments in over 50 countries.

DataVoice's heritage started in 1989 in the Contact Centre market. DataVoice employs experienced specialist developers who are focused on delivering solutions that assist customers in ensuring that their interactions are always captured, stored and secured. Retrieval of stored communications is crucial; customers need 100% assurance that they can be retrieved when they are needed most.

DataVoice's flagship product is the Libra Recorder. The solution platform is capable of being deployed in a variety of configurations and architectures to suit a customer's needs and environment.

The Libra Recorder is a feature-rich solution offering world-leading features including:

  • Cost-effective software and licensing models
  • Scalability that allows the system to grow with the business
  • Low hardware footprint due to the efficient processing of the system
  • Ability to run in virtualized environments
  • Capable of handling mixed environments on a single platform (screen, voice, email, chat and radio.)
  • Integrated and passive recording capability
  • Redundant architectures including active-active and geo-redundant solutions
  • Powerful centralised management of a distributed system
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Simple, yet very intuitive and powerful web interface for the search, retrieval and playback of recorded transactions
  • Secure role-based user access
  • Easily integrates into third-party software such as CRM, BI tools and WFM.
  • Customisable storage rules for the secure storage of recordings
  • Watermarking and tamper-proofing to ensure recordings are reliable and admissible.

DataVoice is a South African based company that believes in remaining agile to stay ahead of the constant changes within the industry.



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