Messaging | 2022-08-17

Whelen Announces Integration with Safety Cloud® Digital Alerting

Whelen Engineering Company, a global leader in the emergency warning industry for 70 years, announced today at the Fleet Patrol Conference and Expo in Austin, Texas that they are planning to launch Collision Prevention and Digital Alerts features powered by HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud® through the Whelen Cloud Platform later this year. The new integration will bring cutting-edge vehicle-to-vehicle communication to thousands of law enforcement and public safety vehicles in the field nationwide, providing a new layer of lifesaving protection for first responders and roadside workers.

Safety Cloud connects public safety and emergency fleets with the civilian and responder vehicles around them in a cloud-based communication network dedicated to road safety. Today’s announcement means fleets using emergency warning products that connect to the Whelen Cloud Platform, including Core® and WeCanX®, will be able to access this network to deliver real-time safety notifications and messages, called digital alerts, directly into vehicle dashboards and navigation applications from actively alerting emergency vehicles.