Ccr | Dmr | Messaging | 2021-12-21

TPL Systems Renews Agreement with Global Radio System

Source: TPL Systems

Manufacturer of critcal messaging solutions and DMR radios TPL Systèmes renewed it's agreement with  Global Radio System a Spanish company that offers specialized professional radio communication solutions.

Pedro Roldan CEO; "There are moments in the life of a company that mark a turning point. Our technological partnership with TPL Systèmes will undoubtedly be one of them."

Thanks to this new agreement, Global Radio System will be able to offer;

  • eDMR solutions adapted to any sector of activity
  • Solutions for customers who need to bring coverage to rural areas (under 40, 80 and 160Mhz frequency bands) where there is no mobile operator deployment.
  • Possibility of integrating eDMR terminals and GRS terminals in a joint solution.

Global Radio System is a 'global player' in the critical communications industry and has delivered radiocommunications solutions in Spain, Panama, Chile, UK, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Mozambique and in Spain to customers such as: Santander, Ambulancias Tenrio, Ayuntamiento de Sevillam, Grupo Eulen and Grupo Onseca, amongst others.