Messaging | 2020-10-29

ATIS starts new effort to refine wireless emergency alerting system

Source: ATIS

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recently commended ATIS' work on the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system and requested the development of best practices to further support the system. The WEA system is a critical tool for federal, state and local officials to warn the public about imminent threats.

"The Chairman's message shows that ATIS' work is valued at the national level -- in this case, for a life-saving purpose," said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. "Our work is enabling consumers to receive WEA messages in a more precise geographic range and more accurately target at-risk populations while minimizing disruption to others. With the launch of this new work effort, we look forward to expanding upon the innovations already delivered."

ATIS' WEA standards, among other things, specify a range of permissible values for wireless providers and equipment manufacturers to use as parameters for enhanced WEA geo-targeting, particularly when mobile devices are in motion. Chairman Pai has requested that ATIS refine discretionary parameters to further improve enhanced WEA geo-targeting.

ATIS' Wireless Technologies and Systems Committee has responded to indicate that it has begun work on this matter and intends to complete this work in 2Q2021.