Messaging | 2019-07-30

Swissphone Shows Next Level in Paging and Critical Messaging

Source: Gert Jan Wolf - The Critical Communications Review

From design to production. Learn how Swissphone is manufacturing their life-saving pagers and how the company prepares for the future in critical messaging.

Until now, I really had no idea how a pager is being manufactured. I also did not really understand the process from idea to production of pagers. At Swissphone, one of the leading paging manufacturers in the world, located in the beautiful village of Samstagern, Switzerland, I received a crash course on how a pager is 'born' but also on how Swissphone has organized their production facility. It just matches our understanding of how Swiss quality products are made.....

From design to production of one of the most important critical communication solutions in our industry. When really no communications are possible, paging solutions are often used as a back up for two-way radio communication products, but nowadays pagers are able to do much more than just providing back up communications and sending messages.

During my two day stay, I also learned that this year, Swissphone is celebrating its 50th anniversary and that the company is the operator of the nationwide Swiss paging network. It was interesting to learn that Swissphone is actively looking forward to taking the next steps related to 5G. For this topic, please check out my interview, recorded at one of the most beautiful locations near the Swissphone office, with CEO Angelo Saccoccia at the end of the Vlog.

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