Dmr | Messaging | 2013-04-04

Zonith pleased to announce new versions of the ZONITH Alarm Control System and Indoor Positioning System

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

With improved Support for MOTOTRBO network monitoring.

Zonith is pleased to announce the release of new versions of the ZONITH Alarm Control System and Indoor Positioning System. These newest releases, version 2.9 and 2.9.1 , are a free upgrade for customers with a support and software upgrade package. Release 2.9 is a normal release adding many new features whereas 2.9.1 is a maintenance release mainly focussing on bug fixes and minor improvements. As with release 2.9 all products have been tested successfully with Microsoft Windows 8 Pro platform.

ZONITH Alarm Control System

The Alarm Control System is the product that handles critical alarms and dispatches them to the relevant people.

  • NEW: Support for Motorola TEAM WIFI handset.
  • NEW: Support for Ekahau WIFI Tags for receiving alarms at B4 tags.
  • NEW: Support for PageOne pagers for receiving alarms.
  • NEW: Support for Multitone pagers for receiving alarms.
  • IMPROVED: Support for responding to group messages in DMR (like MOTOTRBO). This feature enables individual users to respond to a group message.
  • IMPROVED: Alarm escalation timing have been improved to allow for faster escalation times.
  • IMPROVED: Alarm escalation scheduling allows multiple users to receive escalated alarms.
  • BUG FIX: Several minor software bugs have been fixed.


Alarm Listeners

Alarm listeners connect ZONITH software to a wide variety of alarm sources.

  • NEW: Ekahau Listener that supports receiving alarms from Ekahau WIFI tags. This is used to support WIFI based panic and patient calls. Ekahau is one of the leading suppliers of WIFI based real time location systems.


Alarm Display - Showing alarms on remote or control room computer screens.

The Alarm Display shows current alarms on a large screen. It is fully customisable to include your logo and colour scheme.

  • IMPROVED: Allows alarm interaction using a touch screen to accept, close and cancel alarms. With this feature users in control rooms can actively manage the alarms being raised on a large touch screen. Though the feature is added with touch screen in mind a normal screen can also be used with this functionality.


ZONITH Alarm Control System - Alarm Checker

The Alive Checker monitors the Alarm Control System and the radio network it is connected to - if there is a hardware, software, or radio network failure the Alive Checker will send out SMS alerts.

  • IMPROVED: Support for MOTOTRBO network monitoring using an additional MOTOTRBO radio to send heartbeat messages.


ZONITH Indoor Positioning

ZONITH Indoor Positioning is a Bluetooth based positioning solution integrated with ZONITH Alarm Control System.

  • BUG FIX: Bluetooth Positioner Collector failed to raise events after boot.
  • BUG FIX: Hitting Refresh button could wrongly remove devices from Zones.
  • BUG FIX: When starting up the ZONITH Positioner User Interface, a device which was last recorded as leaving a Zone, was incorrectly placed inside the Zone.

ZONITH recommends that all customers to upgrade to version 2.9.1. All customers with a Support & Software Upgrade subscription can contact their local distributor or ZONITH support at for details of how to download their free upgrade. Please state your current release number (which can be found in the About page of the ACS) and include your license key when contacting ZONITH support

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