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PMR Expo: Swissphone presents TETRA radio module

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The new radio module FDMX supports analogue and digital communications

The FDMX from Swissphone is a vehicle computer, which is used mainly in special emergency vehicles. when the FDMX is build in into an ambulance, data can be transferred over four radio circuits to and from the vehicle. New worlds are opening up to the user of FDMX by the extensive control options and  the touch screen (7 or 8.4 inch). Thus, four radio sets can be used via one screeen.

Particularly in the transition period from analogue radio to digital radio, multiple radios are used within in a vehicle. Via the FDMX, two analog and two digital radios can be operated and controlled. in FDMX If the optional GSM module is installed, even the telephone can be controlled as the fifth "radio group". The integrated Router function allows other networke devices as the FDMX uses as a gateway to the Internet.

In addition to the radio operator places, the FDMX as well as its predecessor, will focus on managing the use of text and navigation. To be used with text, now also the unit uses TETRA SDS (short text service), the use of coordinates to the coordinates passed to the built-in navigation software, named: Map & Guide. The rescue vehicle will automatically choose the quickest way to the incident.

In addition, via the crew Touch Monitor it is convenient to use texts messages and to show vehicle status to the ispatch center.

The widespread distribution of Windows are obtained for the user of the FDMX  for using other new applications such as enabling documents to be stored as hazardous materials tables and to use building or fire hydrants.

Source: www.funkschau.de
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