Messaging | 2021-02-15

CMA Successfully Completes 2020

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

CMA (Critical Messaging Association) members particularly engaged in healthcare, emergency response alerting, industry, lone worker security and supply chain logistics.

The Critical Messaging Association, a global association of stakeholders in alternative communications, has had a successful year. Success is defined primarily by the expansion of market access for member companies and increased recognition of specialized communications in times of particularly critical situations. 2020 was such a year. CMA members are particularly involved in healthcare, alerting action forces of firefighters and industry, securing lone workers outside the office, and in some countries as market leaders in ensuring the supply chain in logistics.

More than in the past, the technology of paging and Narrow Band Point to Multipoint (NP2M) is also used for secure control in the energy sector, here also for the “New Energy”. With machine-to-machine applications.

More exchange and more member success
More than double compared to the pre-Corona years, members had come together in 2020. Shorter than usual and via video conference, but with content-heavy agendas. At #CMAweb20 in the spring, Madelene Persson of Swedish operator Generic Mobile, among others, reported on the increased appeal of the offerings and their resonance in social media. The #CMAJuly30 conference was also used for the last alignment of the contents of the association’s own homepage.