Messaging | 2020-05-14

Swissphone SOS Lone Worker Protection DIN VDE V 0825 Certified

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The life saving Swissphone SOS lone worker protection solution with the components SOS-Portal and SOS-Mobile App has now been re-certified for selected Android (1) devices according to DIN VDE V 0825, which is one of the most respected global standards.

The certification was officially communicated by the DGUV testing and certification body on April 21, 2020. According to the certification, the solution combining these components allow for technically monitored lone work according to DGUV rule 112-139, a particularly strict standard.

We are proud of the DIN VDE V 0825 certification of our emergency call solution in combination with Pepperl+Fuchs smartphones of the ECOM brand as well as MOBILE smartphones. Both are outstanding manufacturers of specially designed and highly resistant mobile terminals. In combination with our SOS-Mobile App and the SOS-Portal, they provide the highest possible level of safety for lone workers», says Thomas Knoblauch, Product Manager Swissphone Wireless AG. With this certification, Swissphone and its partners underline their ambitions in the area of lone workers: according to studies, the number of employees working alone is expected to continue to grow. This is because companies will strive even more for efficiency in the future.

Employers are obliged to safeguard lone working employees so that they can receive help as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. To ensure this, Swissphone's web-based SOS emergency call system for lone employees is the ideal solution: It monitors people working alone and - depending on the situation - helps initiate an emergency call either manually or automatically. This is done by means of the programmable alarm button or by means of the sensor technology built into the smartphone, which detects accidents. The position of the person involved in the accident is transmittled, indoor via BLE-beacon, outdoor via GPS. The alarm scenarios and emergency plans stored in the SOS emergency call system are activated automatically and guarantee the fastest possible assistance. The basis for this is the web-based SOS-Portal, which controls the reporting, localisation, escalation and complete documentation of incidents and manages the users.

Regardless of lone worker device, the emergency solution offers the following protection functions:

  • Fast and safe alerting in case of emergency by means of manual and automatic emergency call triggering functions. Automatic forwarding of the emergency call via several channels with information on the person concerned and their position.
  • Decentralized receipt of incoming alarms and their processing according to an individual alarm plan. If the emergency call is not accepted, the call for help can be escalated until suitable measures are taken.

If you are interested in Swissphone's certified SOS lone worker protection solution, the first step is to download the SOS-Mobile App from Google Play App Store or from the Apple App Store under the keyword "Swissphone SOS". After opening the app for the first time, you can apply for a free 30-day demo account. It gives you access to the complete set of features.


¹The certification is valid for the following devices - in use with the SOS Mobile App version 2.7.x.xxxx:
  • New: RugGear RG725
  • New: MOBILE IS725.2
  • MOBILE IS520.1 (ATEX Zone 1)
  • MOBILE IS520.2 (ATEX Zone 2)
  • NEU : ecom Smart Ex 02 DZ1 (ATEX Zone 1)
  • NEU : ecom Smart Ex 02 DZ2 (ATEX Zone 2)
  • ecom Handy 09 *)
  • ecom Smart 01 *)
  • ecom Ex-Handy 09 *)
  • ecom Ex-Handy 209 *)
  • ecom Smart-Ex 01 *)
  • ecom Smart-Ex 201 *)
    *) only valid for existing installations