Messaging | 2020-02-14

Fire Departments in German City-State of Hamburg Respond Faster with Motorola Solutions TETRA Pagers

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Next generation TETRA two-way radio pagers from Motorola Solutions ensure that volunteer firefighters can be reached when they are needed most.

In critical moments when every second counts, fire departments need to communicate quickly and easily with their teams. In order to reach their volunteer firefighters in cases of emergency, the fire departments at the German city-state of Hamburg have decided to equip their first responders with 3,000 reliable and easy-to-use TETRA two-way radio pagers from Motorola Solutions.

The ADVISORTM TPG2200 TETRA two-way radio pager provides the fire departments in the northern German Hanseatic city with optimised availability through the TETRA digital radio network, with high usability, a lightweight but rugged design, IP54 certification as well as long battery life. In case of an emergency, volunteer firefighters can quickly read and respond to messages via the bright, 2-inch colour display. The TETRA two-way radio pagers provide GPS for location services allowing the control centre to only send messages to the firefighters that are close to the specific area of the emergency.

To ensure efficiency and reduce operational costs, the fire department of Hamburg also relies on the Integrated Terminal Management (iTM) solution from Motorola Solutions. iTM automates tasks like software upgrades and helps to save operational costs.

“The requirements for first responders including fire fighters are constantly increasing. Fast, reliable, encrypted and subsequently digital alerting of emergency services is of crucial importance,” said Axel Kukuk, Country Manager Germany at Motorola Solutions. “We are pleased that with our digital radio pager, the emergency services of the volunteer firefighters in Hamburg will be able to communicate even more efficiently in the future – in order to protect the citizens of the Hanseatic city.”