Paging Terminals

In an emergency, it is crucial that first responders can be reached quickly at any location and under the most challenging circumstances. Our terminals reliably alert you even in remote locations. Our wide range of powerful and robust pagers and terminals enable digital or analogue alerting, providing information in text or voice messages. They enable secure two-way communication, allowing responders to acknowledge an alert or give feedback on their status.

Also, when working alone or in hazardous environments, first responders and employees need to be able to call for help in the most reliable manner. Our devices also allow you to call for help or will call for help automatically if you have an accident via our SOS-Portal.

  • RES.Q - The RES.Q terminal combines a reliable alarm via POCSAG with an integrated cellular module, GPS and an emergency call button.
  • s.QUAD - The s.QUAD delights with its robustness, outstanding reception and its alerting volume.
  • HURRICANE DUO - The HURRICANE DUO offers alerting with text and speech messages in one device. It reads text messages to the user via the built-in loudspeaker.
    atex s.quad pager
  • s.QUAD ATEX - The s. QUAD ATEX and the s. QUAD Voice ATEX are state-of-the-art pagers approved for use in hazardous areas. They are very loud, they vibrate and feature a flashing light for use in extreme conditions.
  • TRIO - The personal emergency signal device TRIO reliably alerts when single workers are in distress. Its status is continuously monitored by the SOS-Portal.

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