Broadband  |   Critical IoT  |  2023-07-21

PCTEL Announces its Edge Sensor Platform, the Next Step in the Evolution of Wireless Connectivity

Source: PCTEL
Curated by: Gert Jan Wolf - Editor-in Chief for The Critical Communications Review

PCTEL, Inc. (Nasdaq: PCTI), a leading global provider of wireless technology solutions, today announced its new Edge Sensor platform. The Edge Sensor is an integrated, ruggedized, flexible antenna plus sensor solution focused on reliable and improved edge connectivity and sensing for harsh Industrial IoT applications such as smart utilities, agriculture, mining, and industrial process automation.

Combining years of experience and the evolution of technology, PCTEL has designed the Edge Sensor, a highly customizable solution that combines two of its top platforms in a single rugged housing. Customers can choose radio connectivity from LoRa, cellular and Bluetooth and select from a variety of on-board and external sensors. The Edge Sensor can send data to the business viewing application of the customer’s choice. Integrating PCTEL’s core antenna platform in the Edge Sensor allows customers to reduce the number of units deployed in the field, whether for a new greenfield deployment or transforming existing wired sensors to low-cost, easy to maintain wireless technology.

Chintan Fafadia, PCTEL’s VP of IIoT Devices Product Management, commented, “The Edge Sensor platform brings together our years of experience and expertise across two discreet product lines into a single platform. The Edge Sensor is a game changer, reducing the number of elements required in smart utilities, agriculture, mining, and industrial process automation design without compromising quality.”