Narrowband  |   Critical IoT  |  2023-07-21

Ubiik Acquires Developer of Advanced Wireless Communications Solutions for Mission-Critical Infrastructure, Mimomax

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Ubiik, an emerging leader in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and private LTE (pLTE) solutions, today announces the acquisition of New Zealand-based Mimomax Wireless, a provider of mission-critical communication solutions for narrowband channels.

This acquisition will not only accelerate Ubiik's market expansion but will also bring Ubiik's leading-edge pLTE product line to Mimomax's global mission critical customer base.  The new combined entity aims to bring innovative wireless solutions to market which will revolutionize communications for utilities and critical infrastructure.

On track to exceed 1 million AMI device deployments by 2024, Ubiik continues to innovate based on its Weightless™ and cellular IoT LPWAN technologies, as well as its robust headend software infrastructure. Tackling the coverage limitations of existing public LTE networks that impede utilities' AMI deployments, Ubiik is forging ahead as a market leader in the pLTE landscape.

Mimomax Wireless has established itself since 2007 as a manufacturer of award-winning radios utilizing Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) technology. Catering to Utilities, Governments, Public Safety, Mining, Transport, and Energy sectors, Mimomax delivers communications solutions that optimize data throughput and enable near-real-time visibility of critical assets.

"We're excited to join forces with Mimomax, a technology leader in high throughput and high reliability narrowband wireless communication systems for the utility sector," said Tienhaw Peng, Founder and CEO of Ubiik. "Our foray into the US pLTE market was driven by Ubiik's homegrown solutions, and this acquisition of Mimomax injects additional momentum into our collective growth. In tandem, we're poised to boost the performance, security, and cost-effectiveness of critical networks. Our commitment to propelling efficiencies for Utility and Industrial customers remains steadfast as we continue to unveil ground-breaking products and explore future acquisitions."

Ubiik launched the world's first 3GPP Release 15 LTE-M/NB-IoT base station goRAN™[1] in 2022, and also introduced the freeRAN™ base station supporting unlicensed spectrum for LTE-M last month at the Utilities Technology Council Annual Conference in Florida. The debut of Ubiik's freeRAN™ and goRAN™ base stations marked a significant advancement, aiming to meet the demand from utilities for highly secure, scalable 3GPP standardized technologies. By joining forces, Ubiik and Mimomax can now offer an array of new possibilities for both mission and business critical communications. For example, existing US Utility customers who have deployed Mimomax products in the narrowband 700 MHz Upper Block A can now leverage their spectrum acquisition through adding Ubiik's goRAN™ NB-IoT Band 103 as a retrofit. This new opportunity offers the ability to connect smart meters and IoT devices effectively for a fraction of the cost of deploying new pLTE infrastructure.

 "Combining Mimomax's legacy of resilient, mission critical-grade radio solutions with Ubiik's deep understanding of AMI and pLTE represents an exciting prospect for our customers," says Paul Reid, CEO at Mimomax Wireless. "The joining of Ubiik and Mimomax will enable one of the most comprehensive product portfolios available - from the rigors of teleprotection and critical linking to the operational gains of Field Area Networking, to meter infrastructure, sensors and even streetlights. This acquisition promotes a product line-up, and know how, that will meet the full spectrum of requirements – be it mission or business critical, narrowband or LTE."

Beyond synergies in product offerings, the joint entity of Ubiik and Mimomax also brings support resources and client services closer to Ubiik customer sites in Australia, the US and New Zealand, where Mimomax has been operating offices.