Critical IoT  |  2023-05-08

Audax Launches New Holster Aware Sensor, Designed to Support and Enhance Security and emergency Services Operations in the Field

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The Audax Holster Aware is a brand-new Critical IoT solution that detects whether a handgun, non-lethal weapon, CED (Conducted Energy Device) or PAVA Spray has been removed from a holster worn by the body worn camera wearer.

Audax have been pioneers in body worn video (BWV) technology for the past few decades. Once again, with the release of the Audax Holster Aware the BWV experts are leading the field with ground-breaking features that will change the way in which security and emergency service workers are protected.

Designed to minimise the number of actions a camera wearer must take, Audax’s Holster Aware Sensor recognises the presence of a firearm (or a non-lethal weapon, CED or PAVA Spray) within a holster and will trigger recording to begin via Bluetooth wireless technology to an Audax Bluetooth-enabled camera if this item is removed or inserted. 

Before this technology, these workers would need to press the recording button on their BWV camera in order to capture the event and securely store it, however, if the camera wearer is faced with a situation where they must draw their weapon, the pressing of a button will likely be impossible. However, without this vital recorded evidence, prosecuting criminals can be tricky. That’s why this innovative technology is so important.

With Audax Holster Aware, the officer or security personnel wearing the camera does not need to worry about pressing a button to begin recording, as the removal of the weapon from the holster will do this automatically. This simple action could potentially save crucial time and capture valuable evidence. 

Using wireless Bluetooth technology, the sensor pairs and connects to the nearest Audax camera in a 10m range, providing instant recording initiation on the BWV camera. This level of connectivity also enables an audit report to be generated in Audax DEMS to log every instance a sidearm has been drawn from a holster.

Adam Liardet, Managing Director of Audax comment: “At Audax, we are always looking for new ways to enhance operational capability in the field. This innovative new feature was designed to prioritise the safety of the emergency services and security professionals, along with other BWV users.”