Control rooms  |   Broadband  |   Critical IoT  |  2023-04-19

POCSTARS Debuts at EXPO SECURIDAD MÉXICO with Leading PTT Solution

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

POCSTARS, a world-leading Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) solution provider, participated EXPO SECURIDAD MÉXICO for the first time and brought its 3D IoT convergent communication dispatching platform to the Mexican and Latin American markets.

The flagship security exhibition was held from April 18th to 20th at Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City. Covering products and solutions in security systems, such as alarms, surveillance, access control, cybersecurity, law enforcement, telecommunications, automation, artificial intelligence, vehicles, and drones, the Expo provided a meeting point for manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and domestic and foreign users.

POCSTARS, recognized as a leading professional Push-to-Talk (PTT) software and platform provider, offers PTT solutions with global coverage and rich data functionalities; it also provides customized services and open API/SDK interfaces for seamless integration with the clients' existing systems. With POCSTARS' PTT cloud service, users can focus on their business operations without investing significant time and resources in setting up their own private group communication systems. This time POCSTARS brought its latest innovation, the powerful 3D IoT convergent communication dispatching platform, to raise the bar of private communication systems.

The critical communications platform enables all-around monitoring of people, equipment, sensors, and other IoT devices in the virtual 3D space. It supports accurate positioning, real-time dynamic sensing, and statistics of outdoor and indoor scenarios and provides users with efficient and accurate supervision and management. The platform fuses the form and data of objects, presenting the state and environmental information of objects in a live virtual 3D space; users can more comprehensively understand the state of objects and environmental changes. Through the real-time collection and analysis of field data, the platform provides intelligent decision support to help users make the right decision quickly.

POCSTARS understood the importance of interacting with customers and decided to invest more in the Mexican market and participating at the Expo Seguridad is part of the effort. The Expo allowed visitors to experience and understand POCSTARS' technical advantages and application scenarios through demonstrations and explanations. This helped establish interest and trust, promoting business cooperation and development. At the show, the POCSTARS team was able to establish contacts with many potential partners and customers, who showed great interest in implementing the 3D IoT convergent communication dispatching platform and making an impact on their businesses.

As a pioneer in the field of PoC communications, POCSTARS is confident about the Mexican and Latin American markets. The company is committed to providing high-quality communication solutions and premium services to customers in the region. Through close collaboration with local partners and customers, understanding their needs, and making flexible adjustments, POCSTARS is confident to sustain growth in the market.