Barco’s Sense X, for Perfectly Calibrated LCD Video Walls

Your LCD video wall looks unbalanced due to aging? Barco Sense X avoids time-consuming and costly manual color calibrations, as it automatically restores the wall’s uniformity using its integrated sensor feedback on brightness and color.

One of the most valued benefits of Barco’s video walls is the automatic calibration technology. This unique solution automatically synchronizes the display color and brightness settings. Both for the individual panels and the entire video wall. The result is an assured better visual experience at any time. It avoids downtime due to frequent intervention visits to tune the video wall panels. 

What is brightness and color calibration?

Calibration is the comparison of an actual metric against a standard of known accuracy. For displays and monitors, the most important parameters to be calibrated are the brightness and the color settings. This means adjusting both the light output of the screen and the primary colors.

The quality of the displays is usually good enough to be close to the standard. Both colors and brightness will remain sufficient to provide an acceptable image quality. There is thus no need for calibration tools. For professional displays however, calibration is crucial. Medical displays for example, where a slight nuance can have severe medical consequences, really need perfect calibration. This is why all of Barco’s medical displays feature a calibration device.

Also in video wall applications, perfect calibration is required as it impacts the viewing experience. Panels are calibrated in the factory. This means that the wall will normally look good upon installation. However, there are slight changes in color, brightness and contrast over time. This is barely noticeable for stand-alone screens, but when the panels are located close to each other the slightest nuance in color and brightness shift is clearly visible. This downplays the message the video wall wants to bring across. Without perfect calibration, the complete video wall will seem out of balance.

Traditionally, video walls need to be calibrated manually multiple times a year in order to remain in perfect balance. This is a time-consuming and expensive procedure that requires system downtime. With the introduction of its renowned automatic calibration solution, Barco has revolutionized this procedure. Calibration is no longer a time-consuming burden now. The image quality of the video wall is taken care of automatically, and brightness and color balance is perfect. This gives the needed peace of mind to the IT staff. 

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