Control rooms  |   Narrowband  |  2023-02-23

IHM Installs Radio Communication Solution at 5 Mexican Ports

The top regional and hub ports of Mexico: Ports of Dos Bocas, Altamira, Manzanillo, Topolobampo and Tampico have implemented new VTS (Vessel Traffice Services) systems. As part of the VTS system,  IHM announced that the IHM radio communication solution, IHM IP Flexible, is part of the total solutiuon for each port.

Each IHM system is equipped with the IHM dispatcher supporting remote control fo 5 Sailor radios (VHF/MF-HF), e.g. Sailor 7222, and 2 operator positions. Included in the system is DSC for the system and Personal Recording and Replay for each operator position. The latter function enables the operator to replay the audio streams by pressing one button.

IHM IP Flexible solutions are scalable implying that additional radios / base stations and/or operators can be connected.

Furthermore, an interlink between the systems can be integrated, whereby one or more central control room(s) can be established. From a central control room, the operators will be able to remote control the local radio communication. An interlink also add redundancy to the local systems.