Critical-control-rooms | 2021-11-30

Sinus Delivers Multimedia Emergency Control Center to Branderburg Control Rooms

Source: Sinus

Sinus Nachrichtenentechnik GmbH recently received an order for the renewal of the telecommunication systems (radio emergency call queries) of the five regional control centers (IRLS) in the state of Brandenburg, Germany.

To convert to the latest emergency call and radio technology for the coordination of the fire brigade, rescue service, patient transport and disaster control, the regional control centers of the state of Brandenburg awarded the contract to Sinus Nachrichtenentechnik GmbH.

Parallel to the classic task of the dispatcher, the acceptance of emergency calls via 112 and the coordination of ambulance, a variety of work processes must be implemented via the workstations of the control centers: acceptance of requests for help, telephony with emergency services from the fire brigade and aid organizations, receiving and forwarding calls from the police as well as constant communication with the emergency services via BOS digital radio.

The project for the renewal of the existing emergency call and radio query technology and the simultaneous conversion to modern IP technology is being implemented with the in-house developed communication solution of Sinus Nachrichtenentechnik GmbH, the MECC (Multimedia Emergency Control Center). The MECC system has already been implemented in numerous control centers and offers interfaces to various platforms

“The MECC system impresses with its high availability and the ability to adapt to the needs of the individual users. In individual workshops we will determine the requirements of the users and implement them together. The focus is on the person calling the emergency and the associated scheduling, ”says Marcus Landschof, Managing Director of Sinus Nachrichtenentechnik GmbH, describing the project.