Dmr | Lte | 2022-07-21

Caltta Facilitates Forest and Grassland Fire Drill in Inner Mongolia

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The forest and grassland firefighting drill were held at the Joint Training Base built by Hulunbuir Forest Fire Command and Forest Fire Detachment.

Caltta Technologies, a leading provider of integrated professional PMR communications solutions, supplied mission critical communications system to the local emergency response authorities and facilitated a successful cross-department fire drill in Inner Mongolia on July 16, 2022. The forest and grassland firefighting drill were held at the Joint Training Base built by Hulunbuir Forest Fire Command and Forest Fire Detachment.

The drill was simulating major forest fires in the primeval forest area in the northern part of the Daxinganling mountain range. A total of 4 scenarios were set up, including emergency response, task force transportation, fire-fighting operations, and joint support. Different types of forest fires are dealt with differently. In multiple fire frontlines, actual combat drills were carried out to initiate emergency response, organize force transportation, fire-fighting, and cross-department collaboration and support.
A total of 1,200 firefighters participated the drill, including 800 from the Inner Mongolia Forest Fire Station and 400 from the Hulunbuir City. 10 helicopters, 30 armored personnel carriers, 20 armored water cannon vehicles, 20 all-terrain personnel carriers, 15 grassland fire engines and over 100 other types of vehicles.

3 fire lines were set up on the site of the drill. The fire line No. 1 demonstrated the use of conventional fire extinguishing methods to jointly fight the initial medium and low-intensity surface fires; the fire line No. 2 demonstrated the use of wind and water fire extinguishing methods to jointly fight medium and high-intensity surface fires and partial canopy fires; the fire line No. 3 demonstrated the use of mechanized multi-dimensional fire-fighting methods to jointly fight high-intensity surface fires and canopy fires.

Power/road/network interruption often occurs in forest firefight and rescue scenarios. Caltta provided high-definition video of the three fire lines in the full field of vision with its manpack emergency command system. UAV captured image and high-definition video were transmitted back to the front command center through the broadband Ad Hoc system formed by the airborne and manpack units.
The front-line commanders were able to quickly understand the front-line rescue situation through the integrated triple-screen command and dispatch station, and accurately issue decision-making instructions to the front-line personnel. At the same time, Caltta LTE radios, eChat radios and DMR radios ensured efficient transmission of critical voice and high-definition video at the rescue site, providing safe, reliable, visualized and controllable wireless communication for the fire-fighting drill. This drill was another high-score test for Caltta emergency communication system’s ability, agility, and reliability.