Critical-control-rooms | 2022-02-11

Barco Steps Up its Integrated Reporting with 2021 Report

Source: Barco

Global visualization and collaboration leader Barco presents its 2021 annual report, building further on the integrated format that was already kicked off last year. The 2021 report is available on a digital platform and provides a compelling and holistic view of our business’s current state, encapsulating both our financial and non-financial outcomes.

“The 2020 report received positive feedback, which has motivated us to step up our efforts in 2021,” says Carl Vanden Bussche, VP Investor Relations at Barco. “We finetuned our KPIs, increased transparency, and sharpened our content. The goal was to make the report even more integrated, inclusive and widely accessible than last year. We want it to be informative and a pleasure to read, a translation of what Barco is all about today and in future.”