Broadband  |  2023-03-14

Telcofan demonstrates successfull demonstration of Private LTE roaming with Spanish MNO's

Visitors during Mobile World Congress 2023 have watched a live demonstration of Telcofan where the  Private Network SIM was roaming between the Private network and any of the Spanish MNO's with priority for the Private Network. No dual SIM, no dual IMSI but fast and seamless for the user on any device. According to Telcofan; some visitors said: " This solution we have been looking for for many years andtou have it avaialble".

Use cases such as, MNO as backup network for Private Networks or roaming in beween Enterprise networks are now possible.

The demo has been made possible by partners Able Device, Inc., BICS and Druid Software.

Telcofan is an independent company founded in 2004 that offers Consultancy and Wireless Solutions. We have more than 25 years experience in Mobile Telecommunications