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Motorola Solutions Reveals the Future of Integrated Public Safety Technology at CCW 2023

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Seamless collaboration between frontline teams, vehicles and control rooms delivers better outcomes.

Public safety and defence organisations must contend with a myriad of challenges in delivering their services. Responding to more frequent and intense natural disasters, providing safety and security at borders and maintaining resilience to cyber threats becomes even more complex when resources are constrained while community expectations continue to rise.

At Critical Communications World 2023 (May 23-25, Helsinki, Finland), Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), a global leader in public safety and enterprise security, will demonstrate how frontline teams can maximise their use of data and communication to make better informed and safer decisions wherever they are. Developed with a mobile-first approach, these fully integrated technologies surround and connect frontline officers, operational vehicles and control rooms.

Motorola Solutions highlights at CCW:

Connected Officer 

Intuitive, integrated technologies to enhance frontline workflows while building trust with communities. Demonstrations include a wide portfolio of body-worn cameras, including the new LTE-enabled V-series, the rugged and lightweight MXP600 TETRA radio, the MXP7000 TETRA and LTE portable device and PSCore, Motorola Solutions’ mobile policing application.

Connected Vehicle 

Powerful, collaborative technologies to provide safety and awareness while on patrol. The Connected Vehicle shows how integrated voice, video and software can help to make patrols safer and officers better informed. Equipped with an in-car video system, providing constant video streaming, real time alerts and evidence capturing, and integrated with Apple CarPlay intelligent software solutions, the new Connected Vehicle is helping officers to manage operational tasks while on the road. 

Connected Control Room 

Solutions seamlessly manage workflows and help ensure information is shared across agencies. 

Mission-critical broadband Push-To-Talk (PTT) applications connect teams using different devices on different networks. Critical Connect offers interoperability between LMR systems, broadband PTT and control room applications to eliminate barriers and unify communications for all responders. 

Motorola Solutions corporate vice president, Michael Kaae, said that maximising the use of integrated technologies helps public safety and enterprise organisations to increase safety, efficiency and performance in any situation they face. 

“With advanced technologies that deliver more information to the edge, frontline responders can make better sense of everything that’s happening around them”, Kaae said. “This helps streamline their workflows, alleviate the burdens they face and do more to keep themselves and their communities safe.”

Motorola Solutions CCW 2023 expert sessions 

Motorola Solutions’ expert team will participate in the following sessions. Up-to-date information is available via the CCW website. 

May 23, 2023

1:15–1:45 p.m. “How Many Devices Do You Need: Collaboration, Converge, DMO” with Ricardo Gonzalez, MSSSI vice president, International Core Strategy, Motorola Solutions 


May 24, 2023

2:00-2:30 p.m. Solution Spotlight Session: “Cloud Versus On-Premises Adoption Strategies and Considerations for Public Safety Organizations” with Ranjit Pradhan, Head of Offer Management International Markets, Unified Communications and Karthik Sundaram, Global Director of Business Operations & Strategy of Unified Communications, Motorola Solutions


May 25, 2023

11:45-12:45 p.m. PANEL: “Mission critical broadband device requirements: what do the users actually need” with Ricardo Gonzalez, MSSSI vice president, International Core Strategy, Motorola Solutions 
1:00–1:45 p.m. PANEL: “Working collaboratively with end users to drive critical communications forward” with Tim Clark, Industry Relations Director, Motorola Solutions 
2:00–2:45 p.m. PANEL: “How can IOT improve efficiency and safety of operators in the field” with Ranjit Pradhan, Head of Offer Management International Markets, Unified Communications, Motorola Solutions