Tetra | 2019-04-09

Hungarian Nuclear Power Plant and Pro-M Zrt Close Deal on EDR TETRA Services

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The scheduled date of completing network construction tasks is April 18, 2021.

Following the successful closing of public procurement procedure launched for the implementation of Unified Digital Radio Communications System (EDR), a contractor agreement was signed by and between MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Zrt. and Hungarian government communications service provider Pro-M Zrt. on March 18, 2019.

The close cooperation between the parties, assisted by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, played an outstanding role in the signing of the agreement. Apart from relying on customer experience gained in connection with the operations of the nuclear installation, the more than 10 years' experience of Pro-M Zrt. in the construction and operations of the radio network and in maintaining high availability service was also a very important aspect.

The team elaborating the offer was supported by all professional areas of the Company. As a result, this was the public procurement procedure with the highest value and importance since the EDR network and services used for meeting the communication needs of emergency organizations and the enhanced level security requirements of selected mission critical system components, upper tier dangerous plants and national public service providers were launched in 2006.

The signing of the agreement made possible the construction of EDR facilities in the area of Paks Nuclear Power Plant. Consequently, according to Government Decree 346/2010 (XII. 28.) on networks for government use, the Nuclear Power Plant fulfills the obligation to meet the electronic communications needs of the company during the prevention and management of nuclear emergency as well as normal operation in a complex way, by means of EDR service offered by the government communications service provider.

The scheduled date of completing network construction tasks is April 18, 2021.

The provision of EDR services to Paks Nuclear Power Plant Zrt. contributes to a great extent to the enhanced security of the nuclear installation and to the protection of the population. The completed EDR system enables the prevention of unexpected incidents, the mitigation of their impact in case of disaster and the efficient cooperation with the emergency organizations contributing to disaster recovery efforts.

Other Organizations using the Hungarian TETRA network are:

  • Hungarian Army
  • National Police
  • National Border guard
  • National Catastrophy Prevention Directorate
  • Tax and Customs Office
  • National Law Enforcement
  • National Ambulance Services
  • National Environmental and Water Protection Directorate.