Lte | 2018-06-19

Andromeda Features British Engineering with New SmartRadio

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The electronic & industrial design partners from Andromeda, a designer and manufacturer of rugged groundbreaking two-way radio and smartphone devices, have come together in Cambridge to assemble and test the first pre-manufacture SmartRadio devices.

According to Andromeda, designing and manufacturing in the UK enables very close collaboration between customers, engineers and manufacturers. The time required for each design/build/test cycle is reduced and incorporating customer feedback becomes easier. Eventually quality control is higher.

Once assembled and tested, these new devices will have the latest software loaded and will be configured in Andromeda's office in Wetherby,UK.

Finally there will be further rounds of testing and more testing until they are ready for early-adopter customers to trial in real-world environments.

Feedback collected from Andomeda's early-adopter customers will be fed back to the engineers to incorporate any changes necessary prior to manufacturing.

In an interview with founder and CEO John Swarbrick, during the BAPCO event that was held earlier this year, he said:

"SmartRadio isn't just another handset for ESN. It's a brand new category of device. Bringing the Airwave handset experience to ESN"

The UK has a history of pioneering electronic and radio engineering. Long may it continue!


View the Vlog below to see the interview with John Swarbrick or visit the Andromeda website here