Tetra | Lte | 2018-05-09

Airbus Keeps Track of TETRA and Broadband Networks On One Screen

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Enhanced Airbus Viewcor solution facilitates real-time monitoring of service quality on secure Tetra and broadband communication networks.

Airbus demonstrates new capabilities with use of the network monitoring application Viewcor to not only check a Tetra system but also to monitor the service quality of broadband networks. This solution helps user organisations to control their secure group communications, whether voice or multimedia. With only a glance at the computer screen, operators are able to check the network coverage, capacity and status of base stations at any time. For the first time, Airbus will present the new Viewcor functionality publicly during the fair Critical Communications World (CCW) 2018 in Berlin.

“This solution is perfect for partners and new customers who are thinking of upgrading their secure communications network with broadband services,” explains Eric Davalo, Head of Strategic Development for Secure Land Communications at Airbus. “This new Viewcor capability can be easily installed on top of the existing narrowband network infrastructure.”

Police or fire brigade operational managers can consequently check two dissimilar networks on the same screen. Viewcor allows real-time monitoring and visualizes the networks on a map – for both networks together or separately. Furthermore, service reports or analyses are available after an operation.

“The basic idea of the new Viewcor functionality is to receive information about the broadband network’s service quality from user devices. This data will be fed into Viewcor’s analytics engine,” explains Eric Davalo. Viewcor offers a helpful method to keep track of the network’s real-time service quality. And at the same time it brings advantages to develop continuously an existing network.