Sepura’s SCG22 Mobile Radio

Intelligent, connected, proven: The SCG22 mobile radio from Sepura is designed for organisations looking for a future-proofed mobile radio solution, and complements the SC20 and SC21 hand held terminals already widely used in public safety, transport and utilities.

The SCG22 has been designed to meet the needs of demanding users looking for a tough and powerful TETRA mobile that can be deployed in cars, trucks, trains, boats, on motorcycles or in control rooms as part of a solutions that supports operations with intelligent automated features.

SCG22 Mobile RadioBecause it re-uses existing accessories and fittings, the process to upgrade from existing Sepura mobile radios is very simple and can be carried out using controlled groups. The capability to run mixed fleets eases the financial and resource burden when organisations upgrade.

All radios in the SC Series can connect to additional devices such as health or environmental monitors or wireless audio accessories via Bluetooth, and to data sources via Wi-Fi, through bespoke applications.

This allows the deployment of innovative apps which can support safe operations. Examples include the Crash Detection Application, by which the radio’s in-built accelerometer identifies when a collision has occurred, sending an immediate message to the control room and nearby team members with vital information to enables a quicker emergency response.

SCG22 - Vehicle Crash Alerter ApplicationThe radio also benefits from the option to deploy Sepura’s Over the Air Programming solution. This enables vehicles to have their radios upgraded as a fleet at a set time, for example when parked in a maintenance shed overnight, reducing the need to physically connect to each radio and deploying fleet wide upgrades when it suits the operator.

The AppSPACE and wireless programming functions enable all radios in the Sepura SC Series to be updated or to have functions added to suit a user’s current operations, supporting a solution that will evolve into the future.


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