APCO 2019: Vintra Joins L3Harris Technologies’ Mission Critical Alliance

Source: Vintra

Vintra, an industry-leading maker of video analytics powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence announced that they are a member of the L3Harris Technologies Mission Critical Alliance (MCA), a consortium of public safety technology providers with a common goal of advancing the capabilities, compatibility and security of mission critical solutions.

“When first approached about joining forces with L3Harris and becoming a foundational member of the Mission Critical Alliance, there were immediate synergies between the consortium’s goals and our mission here at Vintra,” said Brent Boekestein, CEO for Vintra. “Our mission has always been to help transform the overwhelming amount of visual data in the world produced by cameras into actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence that can in turn be used to augment the capabilities of the humans who are responsible for viewing, reviewing and acting upon that information. It’s difficult to imagine an industry more in need of these advancements and developments than public safety technology providers and the individuals on the frontline - our first responders and safety personnel. We are excited to join in this shared mission, leverage our expertise, and provide solutions that augments emergency responders and mission critical system operators’ ability to respond quickly, appropriately, and accurately.”