Dmr | Lte | 2022-06-20

Urban Bureau Adopts BelFone Convergent Communications Solution

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

BelFone, a leading technology and solution provider of mission and business critical communications, recently has successfully delivered its convergent communications solution to Urumqi Urban Management Administrative Bureau.

The solution is comprised of the convergent dispatching suite, multi-mode radio BF-TP800, Ad hoc repeater BF-TR925R, and other equipment.

This Bureau is responsible for municipal law enforcement in many aspects such as landscaping, sanitation, lighting, water supply and saving, sewage treatment, illegal construction, emergency handling, etc. The bureau staff were working with high mobility across the whole city, while the legacy communications system became a bottleneck to improve urban management performance.

After learning customer’s needs, BelFone made a complete proposal of convergent communications across technologies and departments. BelFone convergent communication system is integrated with its PoC dispatch platform. The Bureau used the system to manage each unit’s daily operation, such as track monitoring, call history check, group message handling, alarm call and related information timely. It has made daily operation much more convenient and productive, and all patrol info, work report, GIS info, and one press call to the dispatch center can be better managed. When the staff needed to go deep into the forest, the on-site personnel could connect their TP800 devices with BF-TR925R Ad hoc system to connect to the command center.

A key part of this solution, BF-TP800 supports PMR network mode, MNO network mode, hybrid network mode, and repeater mode, providing the bureau staff with rich voice and data communication services. It offered uninterrupted communications by tapping into carriers’ LTE cellular network, private digital and analog networks. When bureau staff entered remote areas with weak public network signals, or faced cross-department and cross-technology challenges, the new system would enable users to communicate with repeater mode.

The convergent communications system from BelFone has made it easy for Urumqi Urban Management Bureau to fulfil its responsibilities in an efficient and safe way and effectively improved the immediacy of the communications when emergency calls out.