Critical Control Room - Control Room Trends


START 2021-05-18

END 2021-05-18

timelapse Duration 120 Minutes
schedule Start time 14:30 GMT
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Change is everywhere and change is vital. A primary reason for the existence of ICCRA is to help critical control rooms avoid stagnation through a lack of change. Change can be driven by many things, citizen demand, threat, technology, HR, ergonomics to name a few.

This webinar will provide a view on how control rooms are changing, what is actually driving that and what benefits might be gained as a result.


14:30 GMT - Welcome and Intro - Pete Prater, Chair and Founder of ICCRA

14:40 GMT - Control Room Trends Update - Paul Bremner, OMDIA

15:20 GMT - Title TBD

15:50 GMT - Title TBD

16:20 GMT - Wrap Up - Pete Prater, Chair and Founder of ICCRA

16:30 GMT - END