Independency, Solid Track Record and New Deployments; a Bright Future for Teltronic

In May 2017, Grupo Hytera acquired Sepura, including its subsidiary Teltronic. Since then, the Spanish company keep a solid track record, with new deployments throughout the world, both in the public safety and transportation sectors. We speak with its CEO, Juan Ferro, about how this new situation has not meant significant changes in the operation and management of the company.

Teltronic was integrated in Hytera Group two years ago, how has this process been?

We have faced the process in a natural way, since the relationship established with Hytera is strictly of ownership, so Teltronic has always maintained a high level of management independence. Obviously, we take part of some decisions that are made at group level, but the truth is that, in our headquarters in Zaragoza (Spain), we continue deciding by ourselves the strategic lines related to our operation and products, and working with total freedom in the development of our portfolio and our own projects.
Because of this, the company has been able to continue its activity without major changes, the staff remains and we continue offering the same solutions, so neither the company nor any of our customers has noticed significant differences.

What causes motivated the decision to maintain this independence?

The majority shareholder itself is aware that there are certain international markets that are especially sensitive to the product that has manufactured in China, and for this reason, Hytera is highly interested in having a strong and independent European branch. We are a company with a good reputation and more than 44 years of experience in the market; and we design, develop and manufacture in our headquarters the products that comprise our solutions, and we even do it for other companies of the group such as Sepura.

Has this sensitivity been found in all markets?

It happens mainly in European countries, the Middle East and even in other Asian countries, territories where Teltronic has been working for years, is well established and with a good reputation.
Additionally, we have many other public safety and governmental clients who are very demanding in their requirements and who are very attentive to everything that surrounds their suppliers. In this sense, we thought that it was better to maintain this independence in order that customers with whom there is a solid relationship of trust and the market in general continue perceiving us as a guaranteed provider of critical communication solutions. Our technological independence enables us to have total and absolute control of our products, maintaining the highest quality standards and, of course, guaranteeing compliance with the most demanding requirements in terms of security.

Teltronic offers integral and totally customized solutions, at what moment is your product portfolio?

eNEBULA is a product that is well consolidated in the market, with hundreds of references that prove its reliability and robustness, a product that is totally made in our facilities, since its conception to its assembly, and is an example of the quality that we apply in our developments. Along these lines, we are working in LTE, which we believe will be the reference technology for critical communications in the future, and in our control center, CeCoCo, which every day has more capabilities and a clear orientation to the future with the integration of Internet of Things platforms and Artificial Intelligence. In addition, in Zaragoza we are also producing terminals for Sepura, another group company.