Why upgrading Hytera DMR radios to Firmware R9.0 makes sense

Source: Hytera

Hytera has launched a new generation of innovative features for its Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portfolio including repeaters, mobiles and portable radios, with the introduction of the new R9.0 firmware. The new features of the R9.0 Firmware are designed to both enhance the user experience and provide greater versatility. For example, Hytera has now extended the ability to make full duplex calls to Repeater Mode Operation (RMO) and Direct Mode Operation (OMO). No investment in additional hardware is required. Users can remain ‘handsfree’ and get on with their jobs while making long calls. Hytera is also offering an Advanced Back-to-Back Connection, which sends not only audio, but also signalling and data. It has also added over-the-air programming (OTAP) for conventional repeater systems, allowing DMR Tier II users to change terminal configurations. Another useful feature is offline GPS Data Storage. Radio models with micro SD cards can now store GPS data offline when the terminal is outside of system coverage. Once back in the office, the data can be easily exported to the dispatch system to retain an accurate record of the radio’s history.

The feature Enhanced Quick GPS enables compressed GPS data to be packaged into a single frame thereby tripling the capacity of DMR Tier II systems from 180 units/min to 450 units/min. This improves channel efficiency for data and reduces the cost of hardware. These are just a few examples of the new firmware update for Hytera DMR radios and they will greatly enhance the versatility and functionality of the Hytera DMR system and... according to Hytera......without putting a strain on your communications budget. Click 'Read More' to discover more features...