Leonardo & RINA sign MoU for critical infrastructure monitoring solutions

Source: Leonardo

Leonardo and RINA, a world leading certification and services company for engineering support, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to launch a partnership in the critical infrastructure monitoring sector, leveraging on their respective skills and technologies. The agreement aims to create synergies between Leonardo and RINA in order to jointly develop commercial opportunities and innovative technology projects both nationally and internationally. Leonardo – through its Cyber Security Division and the joint ventures Telespazio and e-Geos – and RINA will jointly agree on each business opportunity, defining on each occasion the best model of cooperation. This choice will be based on the specific opportunity to be pursued and on the requirements of the potential customer.

In terms of technology and operational capacity, Leonardo will contribute to the partnership’s development with its ability to deploy complex monitoring and control systems that include: sensors, secure communications networks, operation rooms, cyber protection, data centres, and deep knowledge of data analysis. Additionally, Telespazio and e-Geos, which operate and offer earth satellite observation and monitoring services also in support of interferometric measures, will provide image solutions. RINA will contribute to the agreement with its operational know-how, performing critical analysis of the infrastructure, system architecture, type and positioning of the sensors and developing appropriate maintenance plans.