Genasys Inc. LRAD systems being deployed by homeland security and public safety agencies  in COVID-19 responses

Source: www.marketscreener.com

Genasys Inc., a global provider of critical communications solutions, today announced that homeland security and public safety agencies in several countries, including Spain, Poland, Morocco, South Africa, Thailand and Malaysia are using Genasys systems in the agencies’ COVID-19 responses. The Company’s mobile voice broadcast systems enable agency operators to safely communicate critical information to individuals and groups from extended standoff distances. In a Madrid, Spain suburb, local police are using a vehicle mounted Genasys LRAD system to deliver alerts and notifications to residents during the country-wide lockdown. According to Citizen Security, Communication and local government spokesman, Oscar Oliveira, “Because the acoustic device can be heard inside of houses, we can inform older residents with mobility issues that all municipal resources are available through the Citizen Attention Service by calling 010.”

“Clear, concise communications are vital during COVID-19 operations and duties,” said Richard Danforth, Chief Executive Officer, Genasys Inc. “Our portable mass notification systems have the industry’s best vocal clarity and largest area coverage, ensuring critical communications are delivered from safe distances.”