Dmr | Lte | 2021-04-30

Motorola Solutions Launches WAVE PTX for Singapore and Malaysia Organisations whose Productivity is Always On

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) is launching WAVE PTX in Singapore and Malaysia - an instant communication service with nationwide coverage that enables commercial and government organisations to reach new levels of safety and productivity.

Available via broadband subscription, WAVE PTX, enables companies to connect their different work teams instantaneously and reliably to keep operations up and running, independent from network technology. The solution meets the operational needs of many industries including the transport and logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail and hospitality sectors.

WAVE PTX enables organisations to expand both the coverage and functionality of their business communications by connecting land mobile radio networks with broadband networks.

The solution is designed for organisations requiring secure and instant voice and data communication. This includes businesses with complex operations that need to collaborate using voice communication and data including video, images, documents and maps while on the go.

The solution is available both as a cloud-based and on-premise service and provides seamless collaboration between two-way radios, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other devices. WAVE PTX supports Android, IOS and web applications for PCs with secure interoperability with two-way radio systems including DMR, TETRA and P25.

The solution also comes with advanced dispatch software to help organise and coordinate team communications while providing a comprehensive overview of all operations. This includes precise mapping tools to track the location of people and resources, helping to protect workers in times of emergency.

Motorola Solutions has also released two purpose-built communication devices to access the WAVE PTX service, the TLK 100 and TLK150 two-way radios. The MOTOTRBO™ Ion, a new smart radio with a full Android interface and broadband data capabilities is also available for operation on WAVE PTX.
Ken Kuan, Motorola Solutions’ Channel Director for South East Asia said the solution was designed to support complex working environments by providing remote and cross-functional teams with access to reliable communication across multiple sites.

“WAVE PTX provides organisations with real time voice and data communication across their entire operations, helping to keep employees safe while also boosting efficiency and productivity,” Kuan said.
“We see growing demand from commercial organisations wanting to connect their teams via reliable and easy-to-use push-to-talk services in the field as well as through the variety of multimedia and video services that WAVE PTX offers,” he said.