RapidDeploy wins Statewide contract to provide Cloud-Based Radius Mapping and Edge Analytics to all 9-1-1 centers in California

Source: Rapid Deploy

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services 9-1-1 Branch (Cal OES) announced that RapidDeploy has been awarded a Statewide contract for 9-1-1 mapping and analytics, enhancing 9-1-1 location accuracy, situational awareness and interoperability. The Radius 9-1-1 Tactical Mapping solution improves location accuracy for 9-1-1 calls from Android and iOS smartphones by embedding device-based location services from RapidSOS. Radius dramatically enhances situational awareness with improved mapping capabilities from Esri, the global geospatial leader. Agencies in California will have access to maps, imagery, demographic data and much more, including real-time data feeds like weather, traffic and other sensors. RapidDeploy’s Edge analytics solution will ensure that Cal OES can analyze location accuracy statistics and other aggregated data required to facilitate the transition to Next Generation 9-1-1. One of the reasons Cal OES chose RapidDeploy is its future-proof cloud architecture that enables quick and easy deployment of Rapid Deplyoy's products.

This announcement marks the next big milestone in RapidDeploy’s expansion and increased focus on the US market. In the last 6 months, RapidDeploy has hired a US team consisting of known public safety innovators and thought leaders, has opened its new headquarters in Austin, TX, and has raised a $12M financing round from US investors. RapidDeploy is proud to team up with leading technology companies like AT&T, Microsoft, Esri, RapidSOS and others to bring Public Safety to the Cloud.