Lte | 2022-06-20

CCW 2022 | Abiom Unveils the Future of Critical Communications Devices with the Cutting-Edge Lifeline LTH-570 and MCX App

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

At CCW in Vienna, Abiom celebrates the launch of its eagerly anticipated Lifeline MCX solutions including its handheld LTE device and accompanying MCX app.

The LTH-570, brings together a robust and rugged casing with the high functionality and ease of use that effortlessly connects people, enabling collective efficiency through seamless real time communication.

Consistently attaining optimal capacity is at the core of any successful operating system. This is reliant on a combination of efficiency and reliability attributes that are at the heart of the LTH-570. In a world where fast response times mean deadlines are met, targets are surpassed and lives are saved. The LTH-570, with its 5” touch screen, front and rear camera and high performance speaker, is the device your users will want in their hand,

The driving force behind the development of the LTH-570 has always been to meet the needs of the end user. For years the feedback has been: “Provide us with greater functionality so that we can do our jobs faster and better. There is no doubt that in the LTH-570 we have not only delivered a high spec solution but one that is durable and through its MCX app updates, futureproof.” Explains Bas de Grood, CEO of MCS Group.

“Fundamentally a device built to enable clear and reliable communications must deliver on that central tenet. We listened carefully to the community of users and repeatedly heard the request for a device that facilitates: more than one talk group as well as the functionality to prioritise talk groups, create favourite groups and full duplex talk groups for conference calls. In the LTH-570 and MCX App our team has developed a hand-held communication system that achieves this, whilst maintaining the look and feel of a TETRA radio. We are literally making user requirements come to life.”

“Lifeline’s state-of-the-art MCX app provides solutions to all of the communication challenges presented by users, whether in the office or out in-the-field, offering advanced functionality and enhanced capabilities such as: multi-group support, multi-function PTT to enable organisation to transform their day-to-day operations.’

Designed and developed in-house by the Abiom team, (part of the MCS Group) Lifeline MCX solutions including the LTH-570 and the MCX app are aimed at end users within: public safety and defence; healthcare; public transport; aviation and shipping, as well as wider industrial and commercial sectors.

Jens Thostrup, Board member at Abiom shares that, “Users have been crying out for a high functioning, ergonomically designed hand-held device that supersedes TETRA technology for some time now. A device that will raise efficiency levels, provide a competitive edge and improve response times in critical situations is without doubt, long overdue.

We are therefore delighted to introduce the LTH-570 hand-held LTE device, working in perfect harmony with the MCX app. The system utilises 4G/5G technology, alongside the capacity to interface with pre-existing narrowband communication systems, allowing for a seamless transition into the mission and business critical communications of the future.”

Jens continues “The launch of Lifeline at CCW is a key moment for users who have requested this functionality for many years, and we are proud to be able to support users across the globe with its day-to-day deployment.”